With ever shrinking budgets, we are being forced to do more and more with less and less. Everything, except computers, seems to cost more and more.

Librarians are required to answer questions like:


  • How many books are checked out by person X?
  • Can you compile lists of materials on this or that subject?
  • How many books are overdue? Who has them?
  • How much time is required for cataloging, typing and sorting cards?

It is necessary, though time consuming, to count circulation cards to generate such statistics. With SLIM the librarian can answer all such questions with little effort.


Computers are powerful tools for doing repetitive, time consuming, tasks. When coupled with excellent library management software SLIM, they are the perfect tool for making work in the library easier and more productive. Librarians can have additional time to work with library users to find information.


Computers are excellent research assistants. They can help users find materials that would otherwise be undiscovered on the shelves. For years, librarians have labored to make their materials accessible through subject, title, and author entries via printed catalogs. Analytic entries provided access points above and beyond the title and author. Now, SLIM on your computer can provide you with even greater access by allowing you to search annotation, summary, and note fields as well as tracings and analytic entries. SLIM makes possible search by any part of the names of authors and illustrators. Wildcard matching of letter patterns provide additional access points impossible via traditional card catalogs.


SLIM is a proven software. It is being used in many schools, colleges, research institutes, public libraries, corporate houses, etc. SLIM is upgraded continuously to meet the technological advances in the field of data storage, retrieval, user interaction and communications, library science. Consequently, SLIM is the latest and most powerful library software. SLIM is user friendly, menu driven, and highly interactive software. To operate SLIM no prior knowledge of computers is required. Its powerful user interface feature like drag-drop makes its user feel very comfortable. The accompanying on-site training and high quality reference manuals ensure smooth transition from the current computerized or manual system to SLIM. The committed after sales support assures the success of the library computerization.

Today's Technology

SLIM21 is the latest generation of library software; it is a complete system that automates nearly every library task for you. You can print your circulation statistics, overdue reports, fine reports, bibliographies and media-graphics. SLIM21 stands out from all the other software that are available in the market today.

Complete System

SLIM21 is faster, less expensive, easier to use, and works like you think. SLIM21 was designed to work like librarians work. Librarians watching the demonstration of SLIM21 feel that they can use this program easily. SLIM21 integrates all library features into one very powerful system - from circulation to bibliographic input to card and label printing, user records management, etc.

Sharing Resources

SLIM21 is compliant with standards, including emerging standards. Algorhythms acknowledges the importance of standards like AACR2, MARC21 and Z39.50, the emerging standard for communication between systems. We believe in the integration of libraries and the sharing of resources and are continuously working to make it easier for the users of SLIM21 and other standards compliant library management systems.


SLIM is available in modules. The modular design and implementation allows you to pick and choose SLIM21 components to suit your automation priorities and budget provisions.

Retrospective Conversion

Algorhythms offers cooperative retrospective conversion services to libraries on an ongoing basis. This cooperative conversion provides full MARC records. Algorhythms also provides assistance in conversion of computer readable data in many formats, especially those from your previous efforts of library automation.

Information Sharing

Algorhythms is committed to libraries in a big way. We acknowledge the importance of the library in today's information society and we are working to make libraries more useful to their users and more efficient for the librarians.

Easy of Use

SLIM21 is straight-forward, easy to use and understand. On-line help is available throughout SLIM21. Extensive help topics ensure that librarians do not spend months training their staff on the use of SLIM. 

Library users of all age groups and of varied backgrounds find SLIM21 searching truly amazing and quick. Due to SLIM21 Web OPAC (Web - Online Public Access Catalog), the complete library collection is available to them.  


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