What’s Better: Library Management in ERP Software vs. Standalone LMS

With changing needs of library management, having robust software is a must. It can make your work a lot easier and efficient. A library management system can be part of an ERP solution to keep track of some library tasks. On the other hand, a library management system can function independently for all library task management. Many times, library owners/managers get suggestions of using ERP for library management due to many other benefits they get with ERP software. However, every library is different and has different challenges. Algorhythms as a leading and long-serving technology solution provider for library automation software in India understands the diversity of the tasks involved in the day-to-day operation of a library. We know that only commercial library software can suffice most of the library automation needs.

ERP For Academic Institutions


Nowadays, most academic institutes have Libraries to support the curriculum, to help students and faculty research, to encourage students to learn new things out of their curriculum, and more. The need for ERP software is inevitable for most institutes as there are various other processes and data such as student management, classroom management, syllabus management, administrative tasks, etc. that need automation. While ERP can do all the above-mentioned tasks quite efficiently, it may lack the capabilities to manage library automation as accurately as a standalone LMS does! Let’s understand LMS first.

What is Library Management System?


A Library Management System or LMS is a software application that automates the library’s processes. It also makes it easier for the administration to handle its services and resources, which includes registration, circulation, cataloging, and more. . Ultimately, it reduces the burden on librarians, increases customer satisfaction, and improves library efficiencies.

Library Management in ERP Software vs. Standalone LMS


ERP systems provide a convenient way to manage libraries as the libraries are integrated into the system itself. However, standalone library management systems are more popular among organizations that have huge libraries. Standalone systems. Let’s evaluate the features of library management as a part of ERP vs. standalone LMS for managing e-resources and digital assets.

Library Management as part of ERP


  • An integrated system, single user interface with other departments.
  • No customization is possible when you manage the library through ERP.
  • The library is considered as a lower priority in comparison to other departments in  Institutions.
  • No flexibility in terms of library processes.
  • Provides only elementary functionality like Data entry, Issue –Return.
  • Need to follow the standards provided by the ERP.
  • Zero collaborative capability as patrons cannot actively participate.
  • Only technical consultation or support is provided (that gives users less domain knowledge).
Library Management as Standalone LMS System- iSLIM


  • iSLIM properly manages all the library operations with modules such as acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials, iOPAC, and various other add-on modules.
  • Easy customization and addition of new features.
  • Matches the needs of the Library in the evolving Institutions.
  • iSLIM has features such as budget monitoring, automated reminders, barcoding, notifications, and many more. It makes the library processes much easy and manageable.
  • Selective sharing of information provides a personalized experience like popular items, interesting items based on user interest, recommendations based on search, or borrowing history is possible.
  • Libraries can easily integrate with third-party or internal applications. Easy integration with various hardware devices like RFID, smart cards, biometric, etc. is also possible when using iSLIM.
  • Standalone LMS such as iSLIM promotes interactive learning. The patrons can provide ratings and reviews, do transactions online, submit projects/thesis etc.
  • Algorhythms is in the library & archival domain for more than three decades (since 1986).
  • We have a huge network of librarians, IT professionals, and academicians. Thus, our team provides not only technical support but actively helps to grow the library with expertise in the library domain.

Library management systems are one of the most basic requirements for any library. These systems not only help to manage all library operations but also provides features that are customized to meet the needs of a particular library. If your requirement is just to add collection and circulation among patrons you can go for library Management as a part of the ERP system. However, if your requirement is to manage all the library processes with customised features to provide an enriching experience to patrons, standalone library management system software such as iSLIM is the best choice. Get a modern iSLIM or iSLIM Cloud software as well as innovative, responsive technology partner algorhythms to make your library management bliss. Connect to our team to get started.


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