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Unleash the power of Intelligent Automation for information management in your organization

More than 500 organizations across industries like academic (schools, colleges, universities), corporate (IT, Manufacturing, BFSI), media & entertainment, religious trusts, government departments, defence establishments, museums and sports clubs have been using our solutions for over 3 decades.

iSLIM – Library Management System

iSLIM automates all your library processes and provides for interactive user experience. It is a One Stop Solution for all your library needs. Cost effective on-premise and Cloud-based options available.

iARCH – Archival Management System

iARCH is specially designed to cater to the requirements of all types of modern archives. Academic, Corporate, Historical, Museums, Art Galleries etc. Archive your documents, images, audio and video files securely with iARCH.

iPROX – e-Resources Management System

iPROX provides secured access to e-Resources anytime anywhere with single sign on.

Library RFID System

Top notch RFID solutions like Tags, Staff Reader, Self Service Kiosk, Drop Box, Security Gates, Inventory devices integrated with Library Management Software.

Data Migration Service

Connect with us to help you manage your most important asset, Data. We follow rigorous and industry standard processes to ensure quality and data integrity.

Cloud based Library Management System

iSLIM Cloud offers remarkable features to cater to the requirements of all kinds of libraries with our exclusive cloud service.

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