iARCH: The Best Archival Management System

Let’s admit the fact- documents that once had great importance, are still important. The process of moving files that are no longer used to a designated storage system for long term retention is called Archiving. The archival collection management system is specially designed to cater to the requirements of all types of modern archives such as Corporate, Academic,  Historical, Museums, Art Galleries, Religious, etc. The reason why organizations need to have an archival management system is that it may be required for future reference or must be saved for regulatory compliance.  Also, it is crucial to understand that not every archive is the same. There could be an offline file folder consisting of the legal documents, historical maps, audits and more in different formats such as papers, tapes, CDs or other media forms. 

With a wide scope of archives, choosing the best archival information management system like iARCH is a smart decision. It helps to showcase archived collections to users in a safe manner. This software helps organizations keep their ‘not in use’ data safe that could be useful for supporting research and preserving records for future use. On the standards front, iARCH is based on the international standard DACS (Describing Archives: A Content Standard), approved by the Society of American Archivists).

Let’s dive deeper into understanding what makes iARCH the first choice of various corporates, archaeological departments, museums, and the education sectors. 

Strong, Flexible and Stable Catalogue


iARCH is one of the most flexible archival collection management software. It has a common interface across all sections like documents, artefacts, audiovisual materials, etc. It makes cataloguing and indexing quite easy to learn and operate. You can maintain the data integrity by Authority Content for fields such as Keywords, Subjects, Participants, Location and more. Plus, you can use the suggestions and pickups to reduce your data entry efforts and ensure accuracy and consistency. 

Easily Handle Multimedia Content


When it comes to archives, not every document is meant to be accessible by all. In iARCH, you can decide who can see and download the archive content. This feature is helpful to protect your valuable data and share it with the users in a safe way. Easily manage multimedia materials by uploading single or multiple files or specifying links. You can give access to real only or full control of every content. Creating photo galleries is also easy with archival management software. 

iARCH also has a Search Portal to run a simple search and advanced search interfaces. You can get a brief and detailed description of archived items. The software helps in generating reports in various formats like PDF, Excel etc, for management or internal purposes. As a software admin, you can add unlimited users, unlimited records, unlimited collections and unlimited multimedia content. If that’s not enough, we also have customized tools and services for data migration from existing systems. Enjoy a unique blend of standard RDBMS backend (SQL Server) and Fast search engine (No SQL). 

The list of iARCH benefits is long, and it is also the reason why most organizations trust iARCH over any other available archival collection management system in the market. At Algorhythms, we aim to give the best solutions and post-purchase services to our clients. Feel free to talk to our Archival Management System Experts today!