Managing Digital Documents in Corporate Library using cloud-based LMS

We all are living in a digital era and understand that the best way to keep literary works, journals, books safe and secure is by converting them into digital documents. The digital documents have been here for years now. The progressive corporates in the field of Pharma, IT, Engineering, Banks etc. always knew that digital is the future, and here we are – piled up with multiple folders of digital documents. It was okay for most corporate managers, employees, and teams until they had easy access to the library management system. Thanks to the pandemic, accessing the document from home became another challenge for many corporations that didn’t upgrade with LMS technology.  Trust us, cloud-based LMS is available in the market for aeons. The LMS such as iSLIM CLOUD has been remarkable for corporate libraries during the pandemic. Let’s understand how to efficiently manage your digital documents in a corporate library using a cloud-based library management system. 

Why choose cloud-based LMS for Corporates?


Uncertainty of the future! If this answer does not convince you enough to switch to a robust cloud-based LMS like iSLIM Cloud, nothing will. When it comes to the Pharmaceutical industry, the corporate library is of great help in managing batch manufacturing records, stability reports, log books etc. For the engineering industry, these libraries are widely used for managing national & international standards documents, drawings etc.  The need for a responsive and accessible system cannot be ignored in different corporate sectors. For instance, the Banks maintains their corporate library for managing circulars, guidelines, news clippings etc. The IT sector uses these libraries to manage featured collections, project reports, and lots more. Indeed, the demand for a comprehensive corporate library is high. Plus, most corporate employees are working from home and require adequate access to the documents to continue their work related to documented reports, statistics, plans and more. Since the access to traditional corporate LMS is limited, it creates hurdles in the way to corporate success. You surely don’t want your business to suffer due to the lack of a cloud-based LMS, right? Let’s explore the top benefits of a cloud-based LMS that can help easy access and control the corporate library.

Top Benefits of a Cloud-based LMS


  • Get easy access to your digital documents- anytime, anywhere via the internet.
  • You can save your budget on the server and other essential hardware components.
  • You can save your budget on technical labour.
  • There is no high upfront cost required.
  • You can save your budget on operating systems and other required software components.
  • You can get the latest, most advanced software releases.
  • You don’t need to worry about a long update time. Get stress-free updates instantly.

When it comes to automation of the corporate library processes, nothing can beat iSLIM Cloud. It includes various features to automate the processes such as Cataloguing, Circulation, Inventory, Reporting and many more. Users simply need a web browser and fast and reliable access to the internet. 

Modules in Cloud-based LMS




You can easily catalogue your records, reports in a smarter way with the powerful cataloguing module by your side. Create customised data entry templates, customise and exchange reports, etc. 




Easily make proposals to get reports, essential documents. Manage all kinds of workflows, set automatic email reminders, and lots more; iSLIM’s acquisition module can make your library management bliss. 




The circulation module has almost everything for your corporate library needs, whether it’s about front desk operations or automated reminders. There are multiple statistics and reports available in this module, which helps in building work efficiency. iSLIM’s circulation module is synonymous with hassle-free management. 


The list of modules in cloud-based iSLIM LMS is vast. You can always get customised modules to make your corporate library a robust system for all your and the team’s collaborative digital documentation needs. Corporates often ask us one major and most relevant question – What do they get with cloud-based iSLIM. We have listed out the perks of iSLIM to share insights with corporates looking for a comprehensive library management system.

What do you get with the iSLIM Cloud?


  1. Easy installation and regular updates by Algorhythms expert technicians.
  2. Access to Technical Support, our acclaimed product.
  3. 24×7 server maintenance services.
  4. Completely secured database backups.
  5. No high upfront cost.

Managing digital documents in a corporate library using a cloud-based library management system is easy. All you need is a robust LMS by your side. At Algorhythms, we provide iSLIM Cloud, the best library management system to suit all your corporate library management needs. We offer affordable annual subscription-based licensing for iSLIM Cloud. Are you all set to have a hassle-free library management experience? Get in touch with our team for an LMS consultation today!  



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