Archival Management System

iARCH - Archival Management System

Digitize and preserve your valuable documents, images, audio, and video files.

Catalogue and digitize your artistic creations, museum artefacts, jewellery designs and other precious objects.

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    Transforming Archives

    Documents, images, audio and video files are important assets for every organization. It is important to ensure safe storage and secure access.

    With iARCH you are guaranteed the freedom and flexibility to structure archival exactly as you need, with ease of retrieval and secure storage.

    What is iARCH?

    iARCH is an Archival Information Management System specially designed to cater to the requirements of all types of modern archives. Academic, Corporate, Historical, Religious, Museums, Art Galleries etc.

    iARCH is based on the prevalent international standard DACS (Describing Archives: A Content Standard), approved by the Society of American Archivists.

    iARCH provides special metadata formats for various types of materials like documents, manuscripts, artwork, music recordings, videos, interviews, photographs etc. Thus it helps in describing archived items for higher visibility and accessibility.


    Discover features of Archival Management System


    iARCH Archival Management System (AMS) supports the digitization of physical archives to enable users to access them online. It provides features such as image and text recognition to automate the digitization process and improve the accuracy of the digitized content.

    Preservation Management

    Preservation is a critical issue for information assets, and iARCH AMS can help manage the preservation needs of special collections. By tracking environmental conditions, monitoring conservation needs, and managing digitization projects, iARCH AMS can help ensure the longevity of special materials.

    Access and Discovery

    iARCH AMS can help organisations to provide access to special collections and archives by creating online finding aids and managing digital content. With iARCH AMS, organisations can make special collections more discoverable and accessible to decesion makers,researchers, students, and other stakeholders.

    Characteristics of Archival Management System

    You might have just a single or multiple collections. We support you in whatever way you want to work. You can define relationships between records and have as many levels of series or sub series as you want so that your collection is presented in the best way possible.
    iARCH supports

    • Hierarchical organization of collections e.g. Collection, file, folder, series, subseries etc.
    • Composite items i.e. Parent-Child or Peer-Peer relationship between items.
    • Providing suggestions, if new archive material can be part of an existing collection.
    • Our Archival management software has a common interface across all areas like documents, audiovisual materials, artefacts etc that makes cataloguing and indexing easy to learn and use.
    • Authority Control for fields such as Subjects, Keywords, Locations, Participants etc. maintains the data integrity.
    • Pickups and suggestions reduce data entry efforts and ensure consistency and accuracy.
    • Monitor the cataloging by adding remarks for corrections before making it live
    • User generated and advanced query based customized reports

    Permissions are applied in a flexible manner so that you can decide who can see and download materials. You can thus protect your valuable data and yet make it available to your user community safely.
    In iARCH you can,

    • Manage multimedia content by specifying links or uploading actual files – single or multiple.
    • Assign No Access/ Read Only/ Full Control permissions to each multi-media item.
    • Create Photo Galleries.
    • Reuse the same multimedia content for multiple archival items.

    When you have something precious it deserves to be showcased through the iARCH Search Portal.
    iARCH Provides

    • Simple search and Advanced search interfaces
    • Search Facets/Filtering and Suggestions
    • Brief and detailed description of archived items
    • Display of associated multi-media content with our inbuilt media players
    • Full text indexing of documents
    • A responsive portal that is easily accessible for mobile, tablet and desktop users
    • Generate reports for management or for internal purposes.
    • Export reports in various formats like PDF, Excel etc.
    • Analyse usage of the system by staff, researchers or other members
    • iARCH provides default dashboards that can be altered to suit your needs
    • Add Unlimited users
    • Add Unlimited records
    • Add Unlimited collections
    • Add Unlimited multimedia content
    • Customized tools and services are available for data migration from existing systems
    • A unique blend of Standard RDBMS backend (SQL Server) and Fast search engine (No SQL)

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