Library RFID System

Library RFID System

SLIM Library RFID System

Algorhythms offers world class library automation devices like Radio-frequency Identification (RFID), Smartcard, Biometrics etc.
This increases the security as well as improves the efficiency of the system by allowing it to do transactions at a faster rate without any chance of human error.

Library RFID Management System

Algorhythms has capability of integrating this cutting edge technology devices with SLIM Software. It can use either of SIP2 or NCIP protocol for RFID being used as a worldwide standard for interfacing.

This RFID based library management system has been successfully implemented in numerous types of libraries like Universities, Colleges, Research Centres and Corporates. 

Algorhythms offer top notch RFID solutions like Tags, Staff reader, Self Service Kiosk, Drop Box, Security Gates, Inventory device (For Stock taking), Magnetic tapes and so on.

Item Tagging (940 × 800 px)
Staff Reader​
Inventory Device​
Security Gate

RFID automation process involves the following

Item Tagging

RFID tags are discreetly attached to library items and programmed with accession numbers using an RFID reader, making them ready for all library transactions and operations.

Self Service Kiosk

24/7 self-service kiosk allows patrons to check out and return items using smart or RFID cards. Transactions are completed by placing items on the reader, with a printed receipt and E-mail/SMS confirmation sent to the patron.

Security Gates

RFID Security gates at the library entrance detect the items and send an alarm if the item(s) are being taken outside without proper Issue or Check Out.

Drop Box

The library's 24/7 drop box allows patrons to return items outside the library without entering the building. Items are returned automatically & a receipt with transaction details is printed and sent via E-mail/SMS to the patron.

Shelf Management

RFID simplifies the stock verification process, taking less time than barcodes or manual methods. Misplaced items can be easily identified with RFID inventory devices.

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