4 Key Data Security Features in Library Management System- iSLIM

Libraries are going digital and this is a new way of delivering information. It is perfect to say that the future of libraries is digital. While this may seem like a good idea on paper, it has raised some concerns about data security. In the cases of data breaches and cyber-attacks, data security is on the rise. To protect valuable data, libraries need to invest in technologies. They also need to make sure that they are not sharing their data with other institutions or individuals. 


A robust Library Management System like iSLIM is the best choice for libraries planning to integrate add-on encryption and secured access type of software to their digital library. Let’s explore the data security features in iSLIM LMS apart from key modules such as acquisition, circulation, cataloguing, serials, iOPAC, and more. 

4 Key Data Security Features in Library Management System-iSLIM

Data Backup

Data backups are essential for the protection of data and ensuring the integrity of the library management system (LMS). This is because LMS is a central repository for all library resources. It is a database that contains all the information about books, journals, articles, etc. The importance of data backup cannot be ignored. However, it poses a challenge when it comes to storage space as well as time-consuming activities such as data restoration and recovery. Well, iSLIM LMS has a robust Data Backup feature both locally and via the cloud to ensure your library data stays secure online.

Secured Local Access

The benefits of choosing iSLIM LMS with local access are numerous, especially for big libraries and corporates. It is a simple but effective way to ensure that the library has more control over its data and can also make sure that they are not giving away too much information to third parties. The ability to locally store and manage your data saves you time, money, and effort by reducing the need for expensive server infrastructure- you get it all with the best LMS, iSLIM.

Cloud Data Encryption

In these times of cyber crimes, the best way to protect data is to encrypt it. Encryption is a process of encoding information in such a way that only authorized parties can access the data. Librarians can use encryption to protect their collections from theft or unauthorized access. Encryption also protects users’ privacy by securing their personal information and ensuring that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. The iSLIM Cloud Library Automation Software helps by providing a secure platform for you to store your files and share them with your patrons.

Easy Integration with Slim Library RFID System

Slim Library RFID System is a wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. It is an electronic system that can be used to automatically identify an object by its unique identity number, called the RFID tags. These RFID solutions include Tags, Self service Kiosks, Staff Reader, Security Gates, Drop Box, Inventory Device and so on. Team Algorhythms can seamlessly integrate iSLIM LMS with these cutting edge technology devices. We have already implemented RFID based LMS in various universities, research centres, colleges, and corporates.

Keep Your Library Data Secured With iSLIM

iSLIM Library Management System helps you to manage, organize, and catalogue your library’s digital assets. The system is designed with the idea of accessibility in mind. It has been designed to be simple enough for anyone to use and powerful enough for any size library. As explained above, library’s data security is something that our software never compromises on. So, get ready to manage their digital assets without the worry of data leakage, hacking or unauthorised access. iSlim is here to secure your library data like never before!

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