Corporate Library: 5 Ways To Make Your Employees Interested

Corporate libraries are not a new concept but they are becoming more and more important as employees need access to relevant information for their work. For the unversed, a corporate library is a place where the company stores all the important documents, records, and other information. It is like an archive of everything that the company has ever done. It can be anything from a physical space to an online database or resource. A corporate library managed using a library management system can be especially helpful for companies that are growing quickly or have many offices in different locations. In these cases, it can be difficult for employees to stay connected with each other and with the company’s culture without a systematic corporate library. It acts as a common knowledge center for employees.


The company libraries are often underutilized. Despite so many benefits, corporates often face challenges in encouraging the use of their company libraries amongst their employees. Most of the time, employees are not aware of the benefits and advantages of using these libraries. There is a lack of awareness, user-friendliness, or unorganized data management that leads to a lack of usage.

Here are the best 5 ways that you can try to revive the interest of employees in your corporate library.
Keep Your Library Organised

If your library is organized, employees are likely to trust it more to get information on time. Use library management systems such as iSLIM Cloud to provide easy yet secured access to resources anytime, anywhere. Using LMS you can create your database and maintain all your records in one place. LMS software can help you manage your book collections, research papers, annual reports, and more.

Empower it with an Advanced Search Engine

Your employees need important information at their fingertips. They certainly don’t have time to scroll through big files to find that one piece of information. This is where you need to have a powerful search engine in your online LMS. It can create a huge difference in how frequently your employees use your corporate library for quick references.

Share Weekly/Monthly Newsletters 

A newsletter is an email that is sent out to a list of subscribers. Since you already have the internal email IDs of employees, use this strategy to share information and ideas, as well as to persuade them to explore your corporate library. The most important thing in a newsletter is the content. It should be informative, interesting, and relevant. It should also be written in a way that it will make the reader want to explore your library.

Conduct Webinars For Library Usage

Conduct webinars that explain how the corporate library can benefit employees. It will give them an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what they can do with the library resources. The idea of the webinar is to provide training, share knowledge, and offer resources that are otherwise difficult or impossible to access in daily work schedules.

Add Employees Success Stories

Another way to promote a corporate library is to add employee success stories. It gives employees a sense of acknowledgement and appreciation. Showcase the work your employees have done and how they have contributed to the company’s growth. This will boost their interest in visiting your corporate library and form a connection with it in a positive way.

Choose iSLIM for your Corporate Library


iSLIM LMS is a modern and sophisticated digital library management system. It has been designed to help corporate libraries in managing their digital assets. It has an easy-to-use interface that can provide employees with a seamless experience while they are browsing through the library’s digital collection. For companies, it is best to automate their library tasks using modules such as circulation, acquisition, cataloging, serials, iOPAC, and more. It is customizable and ensures data security.


So, the first step towards promoting your corporate library to employees starts with having the best LMS by your side. Get in touch with Team Algorhythms to discuss your LMS needs and get a personalized quote!

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