How To Promote Your Library To Your Patrons?

Libraries provide invaluable information, references, and research materials for patrons of all levels. For instance, a researcher may need to get more information on a topic related to their work, or students may need access to an online version of their textbooks or notes that they previously took in class; a well-maintained library can always help patrons. 


The management of libraries has always been a challenge, but with the outbreak of the covid pandemic in 2020, libraries faced even more challenges. Thanks to digitalization, many libraries managed to survive the long lockdowns. Now, libraries are actively transitioning to become digital libraries due to the need of the current times and the growing use of e-books and other digital format resources, etc. 


The main question that arises here is – How to promote your library to your patrons? Here’s a list of tips you can follow to increase your library usage among patrons.

Tips to promote your Library to Patrons

Give Easy Access To Digital Library


Libraries must provide patrons with easier access to digital library resources to make surfing, borrowing materials, viewing account data on their website, etc. convenient. It helps patrons to place holds. Anytime, anywhere access makes it easier for patrons to check out or renew materials online rather than visiting a library. 


On-demand services are becoming popular, providing instant results that are easily accessible. It would be wise to invest in an on-demand service that allows patrons to book spaces on-demand without library staff intervention. You can use a robust library management system like iSLIM to manage your library processes and patrons requests in one place. 


Enhance Digital Literacy


What makes a library in 2021 and beyond more likely to succeed? For many libraries, it is the digital literacy of their patrons. Libraries that have invested in digital resources are more likely to survive and thrive as they understand the importance of training their patrons on how to use their digital library. The goal is to provide training that helps patrons find content in a quicker and easier way while also making sure they know how to use the library’s materials properly.


Conduct workshops, library orientation programs, share brochures, user guides, give customer support to cover the importance of having a good search engine, understanding your privacy settings online, and other basic steps for using your library’s digital tools. Trust us; your efforts will motivate patrons to actively engage with your library content and built trust in your services. 


Engage Your Patrons Virtually


Most libraries are now available online. In an effort to keep up with the technological changes, these libraries need to offer different experiences that are well-rounded and keep people coming back for more. Libraries now have the opportunity to create engaging online stories or digital books clubs that allow readers access to diverse content through the use of technology. A library management team can host virtual art exhibits that will bring new life into their spaces and engage patrons apart from their research, content needs. You can offer live author readings of books that are popular among the age group of your library patrons.


Update Your Collections


The library is not just a place for people to borrow books, it’s also a place for people to find happiness and inspiration. One way libraries can keep their patrons happy is by providing them with new and exciting collections that they might not otherwise be able to access. They should be sure that these new offerings are relevant and appealing enough so that patrons will want to check them out. Sometimes these new collections should follow trends, but the library shouldn’t just go with what everyone else is doing. Instead, they should consider what differentiates their collection from others so as not to be outdone by other libraries. 


And the list goes on! There are many ways you can keep your patrons engaged with your digital library. Having a feature-rich Online library management system– iSLIM will make your daily library tasks super easy, keep your library updated to the latest library trends, and help you in effective patrons management. 


So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Algorhythms, the best LMS system providers and make your patrons fall in love with your library!



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