Importance of RFID Systems in Libraries

A library consists of various scholarly journals, books, reports, thesis, biographies, etc. Libraries must safeguard these documents to protect them from being lost or damaged. For safety purposes, libraries need to identify which items are inside the library and which ones are outside. There comes an RFID system to the rescue. It has been used in libraries for decades, but it is only recently that RFID has started to be used on a large scale in libraries.

What is an RFID System?


An RFID system is a wireless radio frequency identification system that uses radio waves to read and write data to an RFID tag attached to an item. RFID based library management systems are commonly used in libraries for inventory management purposes such as tracking the circulation of books, managing library materials, organizing the library’s collection, and more. 

How does RFID System work?


RFID tags are smart labels that can be attached to books, or other resources to identify them. They use the radio wave portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to send out unique codes or signals. The tags are read by an RFID reader, which then transmits the data back to the system via a wireless signal. Library staff can easily check out items using their RFID cards by scanning them with an RFID reader at the circulation desk or checkout area. If you are looking for a library management system with RFID, iSLIM is the best choice. Here is how the SLIM library RFID system secures libraries and automates key tasks.

Importance of SLIM Library RFID System in Libraries


1. Item Tagging


 An item is RFID tagged by writing the accession number onto the tag memory. An RFID Reader is used to read the tag. This permits RFID-enabled library operations and transactions. Most importantly, there is no way patrons can see the RFID tag pasted into the item. Hence, makes item tagging a good and secure option for libraries. 


2. Self Service Kiosk


RFID-enabled self-service kiosks in libraries are becoming popular among patrons as they provide a convenient way for them to check out or return items without having to wait in line or ask for help from staff members. The RFID readers allow patrons to swipe their RFID card or smart card for identification. Once confirmed, patrons can issue or return the item against a transaction receipt (printed by the kiosk). Patrons also receive transaction details via email or SMS.


3. Security Gates


RFID-enabled security gates are a great way to keep your library safe. They make it easy for staff members to know who is returning an item and who is taking items out of the library without issuing. These security gates are installed at the entrance and exit points of the library. It can detect items and ring an alarm if a patron attempts to take any item outside the library without proper issue or check out. 


4. DropBox


Most of the libraries have a queue for the return of books. With the introduction of RFID-enabled drop boxes in the library, patrons can easily return their items 24×7 without even entering the library. The RFID dropbox automatically scans and records each item as it is dropped off, eliminating the need for staff members to manually input data. It also prints a transaction receipt and also shares those details via email and/or SMO with patrons. 


5. Shelf Management / Stock Verification


The RFID-based library management systems can automate shelf management. It is a more efficient way of identifying misplaced items in stock. It helps to reduce the time taken for the stock verification process and also reduces the cost of inventory. It is faster than barcodes or manual processes.

Make Your Library Secure with SLIM Library RFID System 


RFID systems are a perfect way to track the inventory, issue, return status of books, devices, and other items in the library. It also ensures your library is secure and free from theft of important resources. At Algorhythms, the provider of the leading online library management system ‘iSLIM’,  we offer RFID-enabled solutions for libraries like Universities, Colleges, Corporates, and Research Centres. We are here to empower your library. Get in touch with our team to secure your library with advanced RFID solutions.

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