Introduction To Online Library Management System: Advantages & Leading LMS

As the world of libraries evolves, stocking books is just not enough. Libraries need to make sure that their patrons are satisfied with their services and they offer them a range of benefits. If you have a library, you know the time and effort it takes to keep the processes running smoothly. Libraries manage a lot of content, including books and e-books, journals and magazines, newspapers, and audio-visual materials. They also have digital collections where they host digital resources like websites or online databases.


This is where Online Library Management System– iSLIM comes in. It helps you enjoy the best of both worlds- hassle-free automated library tasks and happy patrons.



Online Library Management System is an automated library system that manages the various functions of the library. It handles all of the library’s processes. It automates the entire process from check-in and checkout to borrowing materials, updating items, and organizing books, resources, etc. The Online Library Automation Software can be used by any educational institution, organization, whether it is public or private.


Briefly, it makes it easy to organize, manage, and share your library resources with patrons and staff. You can search books and other materials, keep track of what you have checked out, manage your collection, and do other tasks anytime, anywhere!


 Online Library Management System works with both barcode systems and an RFID system. The best part- iSLIM LMS is integrated with Barcodes, RFID, and Smart Cards to help accuracy & faster issue/return, hassle-free stock verification.



  • Automates the library processes
  • Powerful search interface
  • Maintains library records
  • Increases the efficiency
  • Secure and scalable software
  • Easy access to all library resources anytime, anywhere
  • Cost-effective software
  • Easy to use software
  • Ease of tracking library resources
  • Interactive Dashboard for better user experience
  • Collaborative capabilities
  • It reduces the errors in data
  • iOPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue
  • High returns on investment
 iSLIM- A comprehensive LMS for your library!


Library management is an integral part of any library these days. If you are not using a library management system (LMS), then it might be time that you take the plunge and do so. iSLIM is the best library management system in the market used by leading libraries, universities and organisations. This LMS is easy to use and can be customized according to their needs.

Key Modules


  • Acquisition

 iSLIM is designed to ease your library tasks. It supports all the activities from the moment someone makes a proposal to acquire a book/item from the library until it is accessioned. iSLIM’s acquisition module can manage multi-libraries setup, distributed ordering management, and centralized purchasing workflows.


  • Cataloguing Module 

The cataloguing Module helps to organize, locate and manage books, journals, newspapers and other publications in a library. You can also create customized templates for data entry, exchange records using MARC standards, and lots more.


  • Circulation Module

The circulation module of iSLIM library management software helps the librarians manage the circulation process by tracking, managing, and reporting the lending activities of library users.


  • Serials Module

The serial module of library management software is one of the most essential features that libraries need to stay up and running. It easily maintains your library’s subscriptions, e-databases, e-journals, Bound volumes and many more resources.


  • WebOPAC

The WebOPAC module of the iSLIM LMS provides quick, easy access to the library’s conventional as well as digital resources. It offers services such as checking current and previous loans, renewing and maintaining reserve books, and checking reservations status.


  • Add-on Modules

Apart from the above-shared modules, iSLIM can also help you with Library Advanced Solutions such as SLIM Usage Statistics (Stats), SLIM SelfIR Station, SLIM NewsClip Publishing, SLIM Online Member Registration, SLIM Digital Library Management (dCOLL), SLIM Inventory Assistant (IA21), and many more modules.


To check the complete list of iSLIM modules, Click Here


A modern day library would not be complete without the best LMS and excellent software support team taking care of their patrons and ensuring they enjoy every moment using the library. Get in touch with Algorhythms to understand iSLIM LMS better and get a quote based on your library needs.



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