Learning Management System: All You Need To Know

Education and Learning are inevitable in this era where the need for knowledge and skills is acknowledged by the world. The only thing that has changed is how we go about it. A teacher can teach in a classroom full of students, but now they can also do so through online learning. As the technologies for e-learning continue to evolve, there will be more options for learners, teachers, and institutions to use. One such is the ‘Learning Management System’. If you have ever taken an online course or attended online classes during the pandemic lockdown, most likely you already have exposure to LMS.  So, let’s get into the details of an LMS without further ado.


A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software application that manages the process of delivering education to students, employees including aspects of assessment, reporting, progress tracking, etc. LMSs are typically used by enterprises and universities. Training new employees, providing education opportunities to all staff, or creating academic training programs for students is very easy when you have a powerful LMS by your side.


At Algorhythms, we trust Moodle, an integrated, virtual LMS platform that meets the needs for education, training, content sharing, and lots more. To learn more about MoodleLearning Management System Software.

Types of Learning Management System


Learning Management Software (LMS) can be classified into two types: Open Source and Closed Source.


1. Open-Source

Open-Source LMSs are free to use and have a large community of developers working on them. They are user-friendly and have no restrictions on who can use them or how they can be used.

A popular open-source LMS platform is Moodle. It is supported and maintained by a large user community. There is widespread use of the platform among businesses ranging from mid-size secondary schools to big private enterprises.


2. Closed-Source

Closed-Source LMSs are not free to use but offer many features that open-source LMSs do not have. Closed-source LMSs often come with a fee, but they generally provide a lot more customization options than open-source LMS.

Benefits of Learning Management System – Moodle


1. For Education Institutes & Businesses


  • An LMS significantly reduces training costs.
  • It can reduce the time spent on training/onboarding
  • It can streamline the process for every teacher/employee involved in training.
  • An LMS can effectively manage the process of content distribution.
  • Open Source LMS ‘Moodle’ is highly flexible & customizable.
  • Security and privacy are important aspects that make Moodle a great LMS for institutions and companies alike.


2. For Students & Business Learners


  • Access to learning content anytime, anywhere is very helpful
  • Hassle-free virtual learning sessions with teachers for lectures, doubt-sharing sessions.
  • Moodle LMS has multilingual capabilities to give an uninterrupted online learning experience.
  • It encourages learners to actively participate in virtual sessions.
  • It increases knowledge retention.
Why does Algorhythms recommend Moodle?


By now, you are aware that Moodle is a Learning Management System that provides a platform for creating, managing and delivering educational content. The reason that makes Moodle the best LMS for institutions and businesses is being open source, which is a direct cost saving. Other systems available are either too pricey or less reliable. It can help you boost your NAAC Grade (indeed a plus point!). Plus, you don’t need to compromise on your LMS requirements as it is customizable. You can choose what you need. Managed by a large community of users, Moodle is not limited to your desktops, it has a responsive interface, making it possible to access it anytime, anywhere on any device. 


The list of features doesn’t end here. Moodle can be integrated with other systems and provides convenient file management features. It is also a scalable platform. Amazing, right! What else do we need?


Algorhythms provide implementation, optimization, themes, plugins, support, and training for Moodle. We begin with understanding your requirements and providing services. Also, we have a full range of Moodle Training Services for teachers, administrators, course managers. 


Can’t wait to get started with Moodle; feel free to connect with our team today!

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