Use of Social media to promote Library Services

Beyond acquiring technical skills and gaining access to information technologies, having supportive social connections becomes increasingly important in the education and library sector. Nowadays, libraries are actively using social media platforms. Social media helps libraries promote important information about their resources, services, projects, events, community, exchange programs, and more. Education institutions and libraries have huge potential to grow a community of patrons as everyone is online. The key is to be aware of the difference between the types of social media sites, apps and tailor communication strategies for patrons accordingly. Algorhythms being the best library management system provider sees social media as a powerful medium to gain success.


What is Social Media?


The term ‘Social Media’ refers to the use of social networking sites and websites for purposes of sharing information, ideas, and opinions. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the examples of social media sites/apps most of us use in our daily life. 

How Social Media helps in Promoting Libraries?


1. Expands your patrons’ community


Libraries were struggling to stay relevant as a community hub. In response, they have started to promote themselves more on social media as a way to attract new patrons and stay connected to the existing ones. 


It also connects like-minded individuals interested in your library offerings. Patrons can also use it as a more personal platform to share with their fellow patrons whatever they’re reading or doing at the library on a particular day. A big happy community of library patrons can be created on social media. Indeed, a good way to understand your target audience better. Choosing the best LMS such as iSLIM helps to stay connected with patrons, but the more the merrier, right? 


2. Communication channel free to use


Social media advertising does cost some investment. However, if simply posting and keeping patrons engaged is your idea, then platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter lets you do it for free. Many libraries don’t have the budget to advertise or create marketing strategies to promote themselves. Hence, social media is such a powerful tool for them to use for free. 


3. Improves library accessibility


Libraries on social media can provide patrons with a plethora of resources in one place and multiple languages. It puts the library where patrons are. Users can find information about just about anything. For example, patrons can find articles on any topic without having to search the library stacks physically. 


4. Keeps patrons informed


Libraries can create events pages to broadcast the activities they are holding for the week or month ahead. They can ask people to follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to receive updates about events or exhibitions at the library. They can also use it as a more personal platform to share with their followers whatever they’re reading or doing at the library on a particular day. Doing this can also boost your event participation rates and keep patrons excited about your events and library services. 


5. Targeted Paid Advertising


Social media can help you run ads reach more people, and share your message broadly. The available demographic and psychographic information of the patrons on social media plays an important role in communicating best with them. Understanding who these people are can help brands tailor advertising messages to particular groups of people, such as Millennials or Gen Zers, which can be crucial for libraries looking for success in today’s online marketplace.

Social Media Tips for Libraries


  • Choose multiple social media platforms and also include- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. 
  • Plan your monthly social media calendar
  • Post high-resolution images/videos
  • Focus on short video content such as Reels, YouTube Shorts for fast growth
  • Organize Book Reading, Author Talk events 
  • Be Consistent with your posts
  • Go live with your patrons
  • Do not hesitate to experiment with new social media channels
Wrap Up!


The use of social media has become an integral part of marketing for libraries. They can interact with their patrons, promote the library, and create a sense of community. As a provider of the best library automation software ‘iSLIM’ for years, we have seen the evolution of the library’s marketing strategies. Our LMS experts are sure that social media is not just a trend, it is a way of enriching your library and a step towards growth!

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