Why Choose A Cloud-based Library Management System?

A library is an ultimate storehouse of information and knowledge. It is an integral part of schools, colleges, universities, corporates and more. As technology is evolving, the traditional library is also experiencing technological transformations. The numbers of institutions automating their libraries are ever-rising. Automating the library processes significantly boosts the efficiency of libraries. It helps librarians to keep a check on all library-related tasks such as inventory, issue/reissue, return of books, search availability of books and more. Undoubtedly, it saves lots of time and trouble. Library automation has gone steps ahead with cloud-based library management systems. Let’s find out the ways a cloud-based LMS is helpful for libraries. 

Manage Resources In Any Format


A cloud-based LMS such as iSLIM Cloud gives you the liberty to catalogue your records in a highly powerful yet flexible cataloguing module. You can catalogue any type of resources- physical as well as digital. It supports hard copy resources, sound files, audiobooks, PDFs and images, Training videos, films, podcasts, websites, ebooks, websites and more. It enables users to create customized templates for data entry as well. 

Access Your Library Anytime, Anywhere!


Nowadays, most users are away from their desks. They rarely visit the library in person. In many instances, the school, college or corporate staff is working remotely. All these challenges demand a change. With the iSLIM cloud-based library management system, users can access the information on LMS anytime, anywhere. All that is needed to access the iSLIM Cloud is a web browser and fast reliable access to the Internet.

Efficient Cloud Data Management


Cloud data management automates the process of data storage. It simplifies the architecture of your library management by removing the need for complex server configuration, and it deploys your library database seamlessly. The cloud data management solution needs to be secure and reliable. It should also maintain the integrity of the data, manage storage costs and provide easy access to information. iSLIM Cloud is one of the best LMS system to manage your library database in a way that is easy for you and provides reliable cloud backup of your valuable data. You can improve the efficiency of various tasks such as acquisition, cataloguing, circulation, serials management, reference and more. 

Customizable LMS


The library automation system is fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of educational institutions to provide fast, responsive service to students, faculty, and staff. The customization of this system makes it a great option for both large and small libraries, as well as libraries with changing needs. The library automation system can be customized depending on the need for academic libraries. The customizability not only helps the institution but also gives them more control over what they do.

Cost-Effective In Long Run


The power of modern technologies has changed the way people access information today. The traditional models are being replaced with more cost-effective and practical methods. The use of outdated technologies that are often expensive can be a threat to an institution’s growth. With the digital era, institutions, libraries are finding out that embracing sophisticated technologies is cost-effective and a viable choice for them. Using online Library Management System helps people access information, learn with the latest methods in an interactive environment with unlimited possibilities for learning. They can also save money by reducing their needs for paper materials, which costs them more over time.

Why Choose iSLIM Cloud?


iSlim is a cloud-based library management system that is designed for small-to-large sized educational institutions’, corporates’ library management. This cloud-based LMS offers a variety of features and modules, including automated projects, dashboard and reporting, collaboration tools and more. The cloud-based software can be accessed anytime, anywhere via the internet. iSlim Cloud also has a low upfront cost It takes less time to set up iSLIM than it would take to set up a traditional on-premise solution, which means more quality time for your business. Indeed,  iSLIM Cloud provides an affordable solution that is scalable and easy to maintain. If you wish to get started with the best cloud-based library management system, get in touch with us soon. Feel free to request a quote today!



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