Why the education industry needs Library Management System

Libraries have been an important part of the education system for a long time. Almost every school and college has libraries nowadays. It provides the students’ books, journals, newspapers and other educational materials. The library even helps in research and preparation for examinations. It is not just a place for books anymore. It has evolved into an interactive, spacious and technology-enabled centre that offers interesting activities like book clubs, quizzes, exhibitions etc., so they can get at least some fun while studying!


Modern educational institutions have the unprecedented responsibility of providing students with access to both traditional and digital content, ensuring they have the tools to succeed in the twenty-first century. A library management system like iSLIM plays an important role in this. It provides librarians with all of the tools needed to organize, share, retrieve and manage all their library data and information. In addition to simplifying workflow, it makes sure that students have everything they need for success.


One of the most important aspects of managing a library is tracking and managing its asset collection. It is crucial for librarians to be able to keep track of members, books in their inventory and also manage checkouts in order to prevent any losses. The good thing is that there are many libraries that have started using a library management system like our iSLIM. 


Library Automation Software is built to reduce manual work by negating errors that might happen without automation. A typical day for librarians consists of performing tasks like cataloguing books, updating databases, answering member queries, etc. An LMS automates many of these tasks while also ensuring that all records are up to date in order to eliminate any chances of errors or loss.

How does iSLIM help the education industry in library management?

iSLIM is an online library management system that helps libraries to automate their processes and provides for an interactive user experience. 


The LMS has a range of features to make their work easier and more efficient. It is designed for all types of libraries, from educational institutions, schools, colleges, small organizations to MNCs. It can be easily used by the library team. The iSLIM cloud also allows staff members to access the library tasks remotely from home. Our best LMS System offers a wide variety of feature modules such as acquisitions, cataloguing, circulation, serials, and add-on modules. 





  • Online Users Request/Approvals Handling
  • Suggestions For New Purchases based on Item Usage
  • Exhaustive Budget Management, GST Management
  • Automatic email reminders/Letters to the vendor for books that are not received
  • Vendor portal for vendors to submit quotes online, track order status, submit invoices


  • Create customized templates for data entry.
  • Auto populating and copy cataloguing features makes data entry faster and accurate.
  • A simple Authority Editor to maintain the quality of bibliographic data.
  • Multiple entry points for catalogue editing.
  • Records can be exchanged using MARC Standards.
  • User-generated and advanced query-based customized reports.


  • Circulate with Zero Mouse Interaction
  • Auto Front Desk Operations
  • Schedule reminders with any frequency you desire
  • Reusable and In Bulk Capabilities


  • Integrated with Cataloguing module to minimize data entry efforts
  • Automatic subscription forecast and scheduling
  • Multi-department and Multi-location budget handling
  • Schedule automatic reminders for non-receipt of loose issues
  • Easy creation of Article Indexing database linked with OPAC

iOPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue


  • Powerful, accurate and faster search engine with relevant filters to narrow down search results.
  • Save your favourite searches and share them with others
  • Contact library staff and access news Items
  • Easy and secured access to Digital Material
  • Evaluate collection with Rating and Review platform
  • See Book Preview available on Google Books
  • Single Sign-On and Collaborative Capabilities

As libraries are becoming more advanced with each day that passes, it’s not surprising that they need to manage their inventory as organizations do – with a backend software that will help them stay organized and keep track of all of their assets A robust LMS System is a crucial tool for libraries to help them manage their books, films, sound recordings, drawings, clippings and serials publications.


Undoubtedly, the use of LMS has increased in the past few years due to their ease of use. They make it easier for libraries to automate their daily tasks like a strong team. If you are reading this blog, most likely you are looking for the best LMS system for your library. At Algorhythms, we understand your library management needs to core. Here’s what you can do next- get in touch with our team and request a quote. Our team will get back to you with the best of LMS services, quote and help you have a customized LMS experience like never before. Are you ready to adopt iSLIM?    


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